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WordPress problem with multiple categories permalink url preference

If you are experiencing permalink or url issues with your category navigation structure, when using multiple categories for any one post, then read on.

If you wish to place a single post in 2 or more categories, then WordPress automatically selects which one will be used as the permalink. (Usually the one with the lowest ID).

Although this is not a problem for general browsing from a user point of view, it may be a problem for SEO and webmaster preference.

To fix the issue and choose which category to use for the url permalink, try using a plugin called:

Hikari Category Permalink

This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years but it has been tested on a recent version of WordPress (WordPress 3.8.5).

1. Add plugin
2. Edit or create a new post
3. Under the ‘categories’ option hover over the category you wish to use as preference then click ‘permalink’.
4. The chosen category will bold.
5. Done.

Please note: in no way am i affiliate with the plugin nor am i the author of the plugin. This post is purely for information purposes.

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