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Photoshop design mockups losing perspective (smart objects)

If you are wondering why your mockup design smart objects are losing perspective when resaved it is because the template has been created with a later version of photoshop than the one you are using.

This applies to any mockup template that you are using be it business card designs, magazines etc.

The problem:

1. Open design mockup such as business card design.
2. Double click smart object.
3. Paste new image or design in to smart object.
4. Save
5. Loses perspective and appears square.

After hours upon hours of research i found the answer on the official Adobe forums:

“The reason your smart objects are losing their perspective is because they were created in a later version of Photoshop with a perspective transform that is not supported in prior versions. (Your CS3, for example) To make it backwards-compatible and editable in your version, the person using the later CS version should simulate the perspective transform with the “warp” functions, then you will be able to update your smart objects without any problems.”

View the solution and conversation here.

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