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WordPress Quizzes? Answer: Wp Pro Quiz

Wp Pro Quiz is a legacy WordPress plugin which allows you to build easily customisable quizzes. Currently, the plugin boats over 20,000 active installs and 4.7 star rating.

The plugin is very rich in features, which include:

  • Multiple question types
  • Category support
  • Explanations
  • Customisable points per question
  • Import and Export

These features allow you to design almost any quiz that might be required, however, it comes with a slight problem during export and import. At the moment, only XML export and import is supported, but you can use a tool to import CSV to Wp Pro Quiz. The UI and logic of the plugin are readily customisable using JavaScript and CSS.

Once the quizzes are completed, there is a powerful statistics module, allowing for analysing performance statistics and possible quantitative analysis. This can come in handy for those working in educational environments.

To conclude, it is one of the best free plugins currently available, and comes with the tool kit that solves most quiz related problems that you might have.

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