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Magento Deposit Payment Functionality

Just thought i would share my findings of this module that allows deposit payments and part-payments for Magento Commerce.

I was looking around for similar tweaks or modules that allowed payment installments rather than paying the full amount and came across this.

Bear in mind that I HAVE NOT tried or used this module yet and am in no way associated with it.

It’s quite pricey if you ask me, but if it does the job it might be worth it? Let me know what you think.

This module will equip your online store with a new feature to let your customers pay in multiple installments for a single order. It is specifically designed for the ease of payment for the customers and a new way for you as store owners to attract new customers and increase your selling. Although putting up discounts and special offers is still a large part of marketing but wouldn’t it be awesome if you didn’t have to pay discount and still widen your customer base? Well, Indies Web’s Deposit payment module helps you do just that! Buyers pay only a part of the whole price of their order and the rest of the payment they can pay later.


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