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Magento – Order confirmation emails not being sent when new order is placed

If you are one of many unfortunate folk out there who has discovered that the order confirmation emails are not being sent when new order is placed, then read on. (Believe me you are not alone.)

I too have experienced this problem and to say it is frustrating is an understatement. Therefore, after hours, days and weeks of researching and experimenting (including modifying code), i have decided to share my findings of a solution to the issue (trust me it’s simpler than once thought, providing it’s the same problem):

Note: This has been tested with Magento Community Edition ver. but i am sure it will work with other versions. The set up of the store uses Paypal Payments Standard (where customer is redirected to Paypal site for payment). So i am not sure if this has an effect on things, but without further adue:

  •  Firstly; check with your web host to ensure phpmail function is enabled.
  • Secondly; check whether or not you need to use smtp for sending emails via Magento.
  • With these 2 absolute essential points checked; navigate to the following within the admin panel:
  • Expand each option starting with ‘ORDER’ and look for the last drop down menu where it says “Send Order Email Copy Method”; it should already show ‘Bcc’.
  • CHANGE this option from Bcc in the drop down menu to “Seperate Email”
  • REPEAT this for all other options within this page; order comments, invoice etc.
  • Then you are done. Place a test order and receive an email of your order confirmation.

For me, i first noticed the problem when the emails that were being sent were only as follows:

  • ALL emails sent to STORE OWNER – No problems here
  • ONLY Newsletter sign-up notification emails as STORE CUSTOMER – hence no order confirmation emails, order comments emails or invoice emails etc were received when a new order was placed.

I hope this solution worked for you as it did for me. If so, you can buy me a drink later 😉

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