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WordPress how to remove from WordPress rss feed

If you are looking for the easiest way to remove < content:encoded > from the WordPress rss feed then you need to edit the rss feed template.

The template for the default rss feed can be found at the following default location on a standard WordPress installation:


1. Open the file feed-rss2.php
2. Find the code < content:encoded > (around line 86) and < /content:encoded > which ends the line of code.
3. Change to < content > [Without spaces] and < /content > [Without spaces].
4. Find the next line of code < content:encoded > (around line 88) and do the same as above.

Let me know if this solution worked for you.

Why you might want to remove < content:encoded > from WordPress RSS:

A. It causes problems when trying to show content on other websites and platforms that use RSS.
B. It causes problems integrating with third party software that uses RSS to obtain content of website.

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