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WordPress strip category base from url

If you are looking to strip the category base from the url and like me you used to use the WordPress SEO Yoast plugn, then you are probably looking for an alternative method.

Yoast was great for this and used to work, but apparently they had too many issues with plugin conflicts so the feature has been removed recently.

I have personally tried and tested various methods for stripping category out of urls and experienced every issue and problem known to man. Including using plugins, 301 redirects, htaccess hacks and more.

Today i have found a stable solution in the form of a plugin alternative. I am not the plugin owner and not affiliated with the plugin but have used it as an alternative and will continue to do so until there is a more stable method.

The plugin is called: ‘WP No Category Base – WPML compatible’ and you can find it here:


This strips out the word category from the url and reads like this:


Rather than this:


This plugin says that it has not been updated for 2 years and only compatible up to WordPress version 3.4. However, i am runing version 3.8 and it works fine without issues.

If you do face any conflict issues with this plugin please let me know so i can update the post.

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